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The Law Firm of Alejandro Bellver Espinosa is located in Puerto Rico’s San Juan Golden Mile. It is full service law firm founded in May 2008 and represents a wide range of local, national and international clientele in labor, immigration, commercial, maritime and tort matters in Puerto Rico. We provide legal services in areas such as: commercial litigation, health law, Labor & Employment Law, litigation, maritime law (including jones act cases).

This team has met and interviewed countless of individuals at both federal and state levels. When summoned, the Bellver Law Firm stands ready to represent clients who are planning, starting or in the process of their legal litigation. The firm offers assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the firm's emergency phone number: (787) 946-5268 or email address: .

Among our most recent representative clients you can find Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, Ponce School of Medicine, Environmental Trenchless & Utilities Solutions, NCH Corporation, Columbia Centro Universitario, Southern Health Care, APEC and others.

Many attorneys choose not to get involved in legal cases until the individual has been formally charged or has already initiated a formal complaint. Mr. Bellver’s philosophy is the opposite. His experience has proven that there is no substitute for early intervention, which gives his clients a head-start in any legal case he manages. This gives any lawyer more time to:

  • Conduct investigations
  • Interview witnesses
  • Research all legal options

The aforementioned philosophy, along with Mr. Bellver’s high level of trial preparation and creative defense strategies, has established an unprecedented track record of success for his clients. Rest assure, that our firm will actively litigate on behalf of our clientele before the Puerto Rico and Federal court as well as before Administrative forums.

You can call Alejandro Bellver Espinosa, Esq. for a free consultation 24/7: at (787) 946-5268 or email us at the following address:

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